How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast. Keyword Search On Google.

How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast. Keyword Search On Google.

Assalamu alykum wa rahmatullah

In this post i will teach you how to increase your visit in blogger or wordpress post. if you want to get more visitor in your blog post must need to seo on post.  Very much need to  How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast. Keyword Search On Google or other keyword recharge tool. And also need to create backlink for blog. If you do it perfectly in sha  Allah your ar success in contant writing work. In this post i will teach you how to seo and creat backlink in blog post. 

what Is SEO ?

Seo is short form. Seo full meaning is Search engine optimization. If you properly seo in your post ,, your post rank in the google and other search engine. seo depends on many thing. such as tital, content , image and sorch description. you properly use all 100 % your post get visitor in any one time. 

How to Recharge Seo friendly Keyword And Write seo Friendly Post.

To recharge a proper keyword, To recharge a proper keyword, And Seo your post for get more view. you can flow many stap.

Keyword Research: Start by conducting thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-performing keywords for your website or content. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest  Keyword Explorer. You can use it and this is tottoly free. If you are a pc user you can use Ubersuggest google extention. As a free keyword recharge toll this is one of the best toll. You search in youtube how to use it and see the video.

Keyword Relevance: Must use a Relevance keyword. Do not try to use spam keyword. Not use this keyword those not releted in your post.

Content Quality: Create high-quality, informative, and engaging content that aligns with the keywords you’re targeting. Search engines value quality content that provides value to users, so focus on delivering valuable information and addressing user intent. add some seo friendly bold text in the post. Like this — Keyword Search On Google.

Monitor and Analyze: Utilize tools like Google Analytics or Search Console to monitor the performance of your keywords. Analyze the data to identify which keywords are driving the most traffic and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Image Seo For Blog Post ? 

If you use seo friendly image in you post. This is also help for rank in search engine. I suggest to use a good and interesting image for your post. must use web format. if you use computer you can use Adobe Photoshop. you can download web format image from Adobe Photoshop. or if you a mobile user you cannot download wife format image from all image editor app. I suggest you you can download PNG format. Then you go to the google and search on online photo editor. Then you go to any image editor and upload your image then redownload in web format.  is one of the best website for edit image online and this is totally free. 

Have one more suggestion for you. If you use image in your post need time to load it. This is harmGoogle. One solution for it you can use image lazy load in your website. This is solved your image loading problem. And also It’s helpful for rank on google.

Add Most Seo Friendly Word In Search Description. 

search description is very helpful for Seo. You are able to use up to 150 text in search description if you are a blogger user.  Must use highly targeted keyword in the search description.

How to create Backlink And Why Need. 

Backlinl is very important for rank in search engine. At fast you find out some high domain authority site. Like domain authority mark 80-90+ out of 100. Then go to this site and comment or if possible create a post. In thos post or comment you add your site link. This is called backlink. Not create backlink with low domain authority site.  

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