Russian income site in mobile. Earn money from online daily payment.

Assalamu Alaikum, Online income with mobile. How to earn money online. Russian Income Site.

Russian income site in mobile. Earn money from online daily payment.

If you want to earn online with your mobile. That too without any investment. Then you have come to the right place. Today I will share you a very good site to earn online. From this site you can earn 200 to 300 rupees per day by doing small jobs.

If you are not very experienced online then you can work here. You may find that there are many online earning sites. Among them, Russian sites are more popular. Because they work with integrity they usually do not extort money from those who work. If you work from here, you can accept payment through many popular payment methods. Which can be used very easily even from Bangladesh. So without further ado let’s go to the main point.

Site link:

When working here, when we enter the site, we will see all the text in Russian. So it will be beneficial if we work with Google Chrome. We can easily translate from Russian to English. It is very easy to create an account here.

It is very easy to create an account here. You will first click on the above link. Then click on registration.

Russian income site in mobile. Earn money from online daily payment.

Then create an account with a username, email, password. Be sure to provide correct email as it needs to be verified. After submitting, you will receive a verification link in your email, click on it and verify.

Then you have to verify your mobile number. For this, go to the settings option and submit the number.

Then a code will come to the number, if you give it, it will be verified. If you do this, your account is complete. Here, if number A code does not appear. Then there is a message option on the site. If you click there and tell the problem, it will be solved immediately.

How to earn free online site.

There are many ways to earn here. Let’s summarize everything.

1) Task, 2) Surfing, 3) YouTube, 4) Test, 5) Vk, 6) letter, 7) Referrer bonuses

Here I am assuming as main tasks.. 1) Task, 2) Surfing, 3) YouTube.. All will do these tasks. The highest income will be from Task.

Task: There are basically many types of tasks here. You can see the tasks if you click on the task option from the eatn section. From here you can see all tasks together. There are a couple of filter panels at the top where you can filter jobs according to different categories if you want. Then after clicking on the job, the details of the job will be given from there. After reading them and acting accordingly you submit the proof. After submission it will go to review shortly. After checking you will be paid for the work. A maximum of two/three hundred rupees can be obtained from here.

Youtube And Surfing: The function of Youtube here is to watch short videos. 10 seconds to 1 minute. Will give a little money after the meeting. The task of surfing is to see ads. They earn little money.

You will check the remaining works. There are thousands of videos on YouTube about the site in different languages, if you have trouble understanding something, search from there.

How to get paid by earning for free.

Online income with mobile. How to earn money online. Russian Income Site.

Click on your balance to take payment. Then you will get many payment methods. You can take payment in whichever one you like. All payment methods here can be used from Bangladesh. If you don’t have an account then you can watch YouTube how to create an account with these payment methods. After creating the account, if you click on the one you want to take payment with first, you have to set the wallet in the first state, after setting it, you will click on the balance again and then you will give the payment request from here with the full amount. From here the payment goes as soon as the payment request is made. The site pays through an auto payment system. And the most interesting thing is that you can take the minimum payment if it is like 2 rubles or 3 taka.

I will suggest you to use payeer account. From here, transactions can be done very easily.

Note and Warning: This is not a site where you can earn thousands of rupees and run your entire family. From here it will be possible to earn enough money to cover your expenses only by working part time. If you want to earn more then you need to work on some better sites. But you have to develop your own skills. If you work on this site you will get money immediately even if it is small.

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